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AIB Seed Capital Fund:
Identity Re-Design Case study

A design modification: Ionic had been granted the task of redesigning the client's website. One of the major aims of the redesign and redevelopment of the site was to appeal to a younger entrepreneur - around the 30+ mark. As we began to redesign we considered the client's existing visual identity and found that the typography was in need of attention to appeal to that audience.

The existing Trajan font gave a professional and venerable impression - and an air of seriousness. It was however, more corporate and less youthful than the new target audience. So a a reworking of the AIB letters was undertaken with a slightly modified Trebuchet font. We made it rounder, bolder and more approachable looking.

This rounded form was of course carried through to the entire website design along with the Trebuchet font.

Éanna Dáibhis - Partner, AIB Seed Capital Fund

We commissioned Ionic to redesign both our website and our logo to enhance our appeal to our target audience, typically young Irish entrepreneurs [...] Ionic displayed commendable artistic ability and creativity in fulfilling that brief.
We are very pleased with the new site and logo. It has achieved the effect that we sought, and the project was completed on time and within budget. 
We are very happy to recommend Ionic as a contractor to any organisation [...]."

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