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Sometimes, even the smallest things... Identity Re-Design

If you're going to spend your business' money on a website you'd like it to look as good as possible.

But unfortunately, if your logo isn't up to scratch it'll have knock-on effects for your website. Not only that: your website won't just suffer visually but it'll probably take longer to design.

Little adjustments...

Obviously we can re-design from scratch, but we'd like to show you how some of our clients saw great improvements to their logos with some small adjustments.

carron and walsh logo redesign

In the case of Carron + Walsh, the concept of the + motif was already there, but the overall treatment needed some attention to strengthen it and add visual interest. We played on positive/negative shapes, neatened the typography and made it more compact, and added a complimentary positive warm yellow-orange to the blue.

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aib logo redesign by ionic

AIB Seed Capital Fund's existing visual identity needed to appeal to the target 30+ year old audience. But whereas the Trajan font gave a professional and venerable impression - and an air of seriousness, it was too corporate and less youthful than the audience. So we reworked the AIB letters with a slightly modified Trebuchet font. We made it rounder, bolder and friendlier.

This new rounded form and the Trebuchet font were then carried through to the entire website design.

Identity Re-design Case Study Website Re-design Case Study

isin logo redesign

ISIN's logo and tagline needed to be refreshed and improved in tandem with the redesign of the website. ISIN are about innovation, so we heightened the impression of energy and positivity with a bright sky-blue and a warm orange. Having decided to emphasise the important 'network' aspect of ISIN's work - we used the warm orange to pull that forward and set it in small-capitals. Now, the eye quickly scans, and moves between ISIN on the plinth and the word 'network'. The new slab-serif typeface looks technical - but friendly.

Identity Re-design Case Study Website Re-design Case Study

isin logo redesign

NAI's branding had lost visual focus and consistency, so Ionic updated the logo and typography before redesigning the website. 2 conceptually very different alternative designs were proposed but the client preferred not to make a complete break from the basic concept so familiar to its audience and members. 

The NAI acronym was changed to a friendlier lower-case sans-serif, with a new slab-serif typeface used to replace the old-fashioned serif font of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland text - which was out-of kilter with the modernistic main motif.

A new purple and green were chosen as brighter, more positive and appealing alternatives to the murky dark purple and turquoise.

Identity Re-design Case Study Website Re-design Case Study

isin logo redesign

Once again, a brand refresh for AHR greatly improved and streamlined the re-design and production of their new website. The primary elements were already there, it was a case of infusing them with the personality, warmth and friendliness of the company's brand; and re-shaping them into a better composed design.

The new rounded typeface set in a bolder lowercase has no sharp edges or corporate looking lines and angles - it's friendlier and the typography now fits with the existing circles motif.

Identity Re-design Case Study Website Re-design Case Study

isin logo redesign

As part of a website re-design project, we took Synergy's existing logo concept and greatly improved on it.

Their logo hadn't been well maintained and the typography - and readability - had become somewhat confused. The new version was based on sturdy engineered-looking forms, with a sturdy engineered-looking and professional typeface to match.It reinforced the following key properties and concepts:

  • Professional
  • Sturdy
  • Well-balanced forms
  • Well-balanced colour
  • Brighter, purer colour
  • Clarity of form and legibility

Identity Re-design Case Study

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