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Web Design process

We have a solid, tried and tested process to ensure that your web project runs smoothly and the results meet all your expectations.

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    This section explains the 4 stages in our web design process.
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2: Design

1: Discover & Plan Start / Intro

Now that we have the Design Brief and Project Scope agreed, we can begin to visualise the website.

ionic wireframe diagramThis is done in 2 careful, stages in which we progressively clarify how the website will look and function.

Wireframe Diagrams

This shows - in outline form - the contents of the main types of pages of the website - and if necessary, individual ones that have very specific requirements - such as the homepage. It also gives a rough idea of the page layouts; where the individual groups of items in the page are placed in relation to one another. Once this is agreed it's much simpler - and from your point of view, quicker - to produce the visual design concepts.

Visual Design Mockups

Building on the bare wireframes, we add the personality, the branding, the tone and get a good feel for how the site will look - and function - when it's built.

Any unusual pages with special features will be given this treatment. When these designs are agreed, it's time to cut them up into images and build them as webpages with lots of clever code.

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3: Build & Deploy

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