Web Design Tips

A well planned website can make all the difference when it comes to the finished product. In order for us to gain a greater understanding of your objectives for your new website, think about the following:

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    Here are some tried and tested pointers on what to consider before spending money on a new website.

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1. Understand the Purpose of Your Website

So you want a website; the first thing we need to know is why? The PURPOSE of your project is the most important thing we need to understand. » read more


2. Understand Your Audience

Who you would like to visit your website and why? Armed with this information we can make sure that the website is correctly configured for your target audience. » read more


3: How can your content affect your webdesign?

At design stage, we need to understand what content you want to put on your website., for the following 3 main reasons... » read more


4: How much are you prepared to spend?

For all projects it is important to us to understand any budget constraints right at the beginning. » read more


5: What is your timeline?

When do you need the project completed? » read more


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