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APC - Pharmaceutical Process Engineering – http://approcess.com

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The APC website design benefited greatly from our identity and branding work that preceded it. With a strong brand, it was a much faster process to design and build this fairly simple website.

APC, a pharmaceutical company needed a large package of design work done for an upcoming trade-show. They needed a website, an exhibition stand, business cards and a brochure - and a visual identity.

We designed an identity that utilised strong positive and negative shapes, which would give a good silhouette when presented in a solid colour against white - or reversed as white on dark. With assets also available from the printed materials that we designed, it was pretty clear how the website would look.

The result was that first design concepts needed very little revision and all of the visuals pretty much fell into place - effortlessly.


It's worth giving careful consideration to the quality of your visual identity and branded materials before embarking on a website design or re-design. Feeding sub-par visual assets into a new design can cause frustration on all sides and cost more money in the long run - to get it right. Ionic will be happy to work with you on getting your visuals and brand right, or even improving on what you already have.

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