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AWN Consulting – http://www.awnconsulting.com/

AWN is a multidisciplinary consultancy and their acoustics team is the largest and most experienced in Ireland. It has brought its expertise to bear on a wide variety of projects across Ireland and around the world, in places as far afield as Brazil and the Middle East.


The challenges were to bring all of the diverse strands of AWN's expertise, services, projects - and they were many - together, into an easily navigable site and particularly to make the homepage an effective 'shop window' and set of channels to the key offerings. But also to get the right visual language that balanced environmental responsibility and business-focus.

Aesthetics: a balance

As well as showing the companies environmentally responsible attitude, the site also had to too look professional and corporate-friendly. The client explained that they are not tree-huggers, and their work demonstrates to clients the true business value of environmental responsibility. It's good business.

The company already had a well-designed and attractive corporate identity in place and this informed the look of the website. Therefore Ionic were able to create a visual impression that's smart, professional - but natural.

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