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NAI - Neurological Alliance of Ireland – http://www.nai.ie

Neurological Alliance of Ireland: Web Design Case Study

Mags Rogers - Development Manager, Neurological Alliance of Ireland

The brief was, we felt, a challenging one in that the existing website held a lot of archive information and reports and policy documents that had to be easily accessible, yet maintaining a streamlined appearance that was easily accessible by users. A number of requirements were addressed by Ionic, including:

  • The design of two sections which would appear as minisites with their own menu of options
  • The need to design a function which would enable users to contact individual TD's in the Dáil by selecting their name and/or constituency

We were particularly pleased by the support provided by the Ionic team in terms of discussing and finalising the brief with us, and being available to make changes and additions as the website design evolved.

We have had a very positive experience in working with Ionic to date, not only in terms of adhering to the brief we outlined, but in adding to this with their own suggestions and expertise. This is invaluable in an organisation like ourselves which does not have inhouse design and IT personnel. In terms of ongoing support, the Ionic team provides a prompt and comprehensive response to any queries and, most importantly, the response is geared to the particular client and their level of expertise in implementing a solution."

NAI needed a visual and functional upgrade of their website to communicate their important mission to a modern audience in the increasingly competitive charity sector.

The first 2 tasks for Ionic were:

  • A visual identity review
  • Design a new site structure incorporating the 'Lobby TD' page in the new Campaign Centre.

The identity design work which updated and refreshed their brand - then inspired the visual design of the website.

Key Concepts of the Design

Form and Colour

The Identity redesign, once approved, informed the rest of the website aesthetic. But in order to heighten the friendly, personal and human feel of the website, we also used plenty of curved forms and vibrant colour - compatible with the logo.


The Sans-Serif and Slab-Serif fonts in the Logo were also carried through to the website. The bodytext is less officious than previously, and the Slab-Serif heading styles all gave a more friendly, fun feel as well as some typographical variety.

Identity Re-design Case Study

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