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GPBuddy.ie is the most complete online medical directory built by GPs for Irish healthcare professionals.

The founders of GPBuddy.ie had the objective of creating a solution which would provide medical professionals with easy access to important information about health services and practitioners. GPBuddy.ie has grown to include information for over 15,000 practitioners and services in Ireland and has expanded to include educational and communication tools. GPBuddy.ie partnered with Ionic to deliver their award winning solution. 


Membership/Account Management

Ionic implemented a fully featured membership management system which can handle registration and account management for a wide range of different types of members. The system handles payment of subscriptions and includes comprehensive customer relationship management facilities.

Directory Management

The system includes facilities to allow users to manage their directory listings and user profiles. 

Search Technology

Advanced search and browse facilities allow users to quickly find services and practitioners and provides individual address books for each user's frequently used contacts.


Ionic has implemented facilities to provide access to educational materials to members including educational documents and training videos on specialised medical techniques.


A fully-featured discussion forum to support the educational features on GPBuddy.ie has recently been implemented.






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