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Intranets & Extranets

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All you need is a web browser and your login details to share and collaborate from anywhere in the world

The idea behind intranets and extranets is to allow users to access and share content and collaborate in a private space. Intranets normally use private networks to restrict access to resources, an Extranet can provide the same facility over a public network: The Internet.

Ionic can provide a cost effective way of creating an Extranet using our Access Control System and our range of browser based functionality.

Allow your staff or customers to access private areas on your website without expensive and cumbersome technology, all you need is a web browser and your login details to share and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Access Control

Our website management system allows any type of content to be restricted to a group of users. This means that you can create sections or individual pages of content which only Group members can view. In the same way interactive functionality modules available with our advanced websites can be restricted to Group members.

Devolved Administration

In the same way that access to view content can be restricted to a Group; the ability to edit a section of your website can also be restricted to a Group of Users. 

An example of this is explained below:

Organisation A has branches in 23 countries. It wants only employees within each country to be able to view content on that country's section of the staff website. By putting employees from a country into a User Group and restricting access to the section this Group it achieves this. The next phase is that the global HR manager wants country managers to edit the content in the section. By putting the country manger in a User Group of country managers they will be given access to edit and upload content in their countries staff section.

If all this sounds complicated don't panic! Our systems for User Management and access control are really easy to use and require no special skills or knowledge. We'll help you plan your systems and can even import existing user data if required.

If you are interested in what can be achieved using Access Control we'd be pleased to talk to you.

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