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Founded in 2006, we design and build content managed websites and use web technology to create online software for our clients.

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Recent Web Design Projects

Progressive Vision
Image for article titled 'Progressive Vision' Progressive Vision is a multidisciplinary private eye clinic which has recently re-located to its new premises in Suite 23, Beacon Mall, Sandyford, Dublin 18. » read more
Image for article titled 'Medscan' Medscan are Ultrasound Specialists. Ionic produced their website to promote the services of their clinic in Dublin 2 and provide information for clients. » read more
Willow Tree Child and Family Therapy
Image for article titled 'Willow Tree Child and Family Therapy' Willow Tree provides a range of counseling and therapy services. Ionic created a custom responsive design to provide Willow Tree with a user-friendly website which provides both desktop and mobile users with a positive user experience. » read more
Arthritis Ireland
Image for article titled 'Arthritis Ireland' Following Ionic's recent partial re-design of Arthritis Ireland's desktop website; we partnered with Publicis D on a Responsive/Mobile-friendly enhancement for use on smaller devices. » read more

Identity Design Case Studies

Identity Re-Design: AIB Seed Capital
Image for article titled 'Identity Re-Design: AIB Seed Capital' A design modification: The website was to appeal to a younger entrepreneur - around the 30+ mark. We considered the client's existing visual identity and found that the typography was in need of attention to appeal to that audience. » read more
Identity Design: APC
Image for article titled 'Identity Design: APC' We gave them a design that utilised strong positive and negative shapes, which would give a good silhouette when presented in a solid colour against white - or reversed as white on dark. » read more

Web Development Case Studies

Image for article titled 'Mortgages.ie' Mortgages.ie are Ireland's top mortgage brokers. Ionic designed a completely new mobile friendly website and suite of calculators and quote engines. » read more
Image for article titled 'GPBuddy.ie' GPBuddy.ie is the most complete online medical directory built by GPs for Irish healthcare professionals. The founders of GPBuddy set out to create a solution which provides medical professionals with a definitive source information about services and practitioners. GPBuddy has grown to include information for over 15000 practitioners and services in Ireland and has expanded to include educational and communication tools. » read more
Online Directory Solution : www.isin.ie
Image for article titled 'Online Directory Solution : www.isin.ie' Ionic developed an online directory with registration and listing facilities for ISIN, the Irish Software Innovation Network. The client needed a system that would allow its members to create and maintain online listings showcasing their academic research and commercial activities. » read more

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