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Willow Tree Therapy – http://www.willowtreetherapy.ie

Another responsive web design and implementation, built within Ionic's own responsive framework for Willow Tree Child and Family Centre.

"Our choice of the Willow tree represents our centre as a safe and welcoming haven where life's burdens and difficulties can be laid down and worked through - discovering ways of doing things differently in an ongoing lifecycle of growth change and development like the trees that overlook our centre."

"Life over time not unlike a tree, is constantly changing - it is either a process of growth and development or of stagnation and decay. Loss and change lies at the very core of what it is to be alive [...]"

The design is simple and professional but has a friendly, human-touch that reflects the care that the centre takes over its clients - of all ages - and also integrates the greenery of their location and their brand and the principles of personal growth which they hold to be so important.

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