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Identity Design: Easymoves

A more modern and kinetic-looking logo

The Challenge

Before designing the new Ireland and UK websites for Easymoves we worked on their branding. The old logo was an simple collection of text in various typefaces and type styles, constrained within a dark, heavy, rectangular box. It didn't say anything visually about the company.

In re-designing the logo - which was mainly a typographical and colour change - we went with the concepts of energy, speed, positivity and friendliness. These are core principles of the company itself.

Propposed Design Solution

'Easymoves' is leaning forward in a more energetic, kinetic manner - as opposed the the old treatment which was heavy and rooted looking. It's also looser and freer, with white space able to flow around it.

We retained the blue and introduced a yellow as requested by the client. We used a warm yellow as a compliment to the cool blue. As an added element, there is the strapline which uses a 2nd - handwritten font to further emphasise the friendly human element. We picked out the all-important the word: 'Careful' in the contrasting colour.

The Logo In Action

We also mocked-up some visuals for how the logo might work in practice in more situations than just the website.


Ultimately, the client went with a simpler, 1 colour option, with a more exaggerated and dynamic trapezoidal shape [2nd from the bottom].

the easymoves logo in various applications

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