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Irish Software Innovation Network – http://www.isin.ie

Ionic designed and developed an online directory and website with registration and listing facilities to allow academic researchers and businesses to create online profiles and search tools to facilitate the matchmaking process.

Brand Refresh followed by Website Re-design

Michael Martin - Former Manager of ISIN

ISIN commissioned Ionic to develop the ISIN branding and web site from scratch. Initially we had a very tight deadline and Ionic delivered the web site and branding on time in a very professional manner. Ionic were a great partner and they worked very closely with us to ensure that we achieved the required result within the budget and schedule. Ionic were very proactive through the first 2-3 years of ISIN and ensured we had a smooth start up and running of the ISIN web site. The feedback from our customers was very positive and they found the site easy to use.

We also commissioned Ionic to develop the second phase of the web site which added additional features and modernised the graphics to match the change in direction of ISIN. This included a new graphic design which the customers really liked. It resulted in many positive comments from our customers and resulted in a significant increase in the number of hits on our web site. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ionic as they are a very proactive and dynamic partner.

It was important to redesign their visual identity and visual branding before we embarked on redesigning the website visuals. We re-designed the logo from the point of view of improving it but retaining much of the basic concept of the plinth, acronym and flame. However, with the new brighter, strongly contrasting colours and more accurately drawn forms; we had a more attractive, eye-catching and positive motif upon which to base the website's visual aesthetic.


The result is not only a typically user-friendly and sensible ionic website, but also a vibrant visual experience that sparkles with energy. This result certainly couldn't have been achieved without the brand refresh by ionic.

The Irish Software Innovation Network (ISIN) is a free matchmaking and knowledge-brokering service to help software companies to identify and engage with relevant third-level research.

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