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ISIN: Identity Re-Design Case Study

The Irish Software Innovation Network logo and tagline needed to be refreshed and improved in tandem with the redesign of the website.

ISIN are about innovation, so we heightened the impression of energy and positivity with a bright sky-blue and a warm orange. Having decided to emphasise the important 'network' aspect of ISIN's work - we used the warm orange to pull that forward and set it in small-capitals. Now, the eye quickly scans, and moves between ISIN on the plinth and the word 'network'. The new slab-serif typeface looks technical - but friendly.

Michael Martin - Former Manager of ISIN

ISIN commissioned Ionic to develop the ISIN branding and web site from scratch. Initially we had a very tight deadline and Ionic delivered the web site and branding on time in a very professional manner. Ionic were a great partner and they worked very closely with us to ensure we achieved the required result within the budget and schedule.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ionic as they are a very proactive and dynamic partner.

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