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synergy logo designed by ionicSynergy Engineering: Identity Re-Design Case Study

As part of a website re-design project, we took the logo concept already in existence and greatly improved on it.

The logo that they already had, hadn't been well maintained and the typography - and readability - had become somewhat confused. The new version was based on sturdy engineered-looking forms, with a sturdy engineered-looking and professional typeface to match.

Strong under compression

In our initial re-design, the typography and Synergy's ying-yang motif were adjusted to give the whole image a sort of compressed potential energy. In the end the client went with the motif in it's uncompressed fully-round form.

It still works extremely well with the following key properties and concepts:

  • Professional
  • Sturdy
  • Well-balanced forms
  • Well-balanced colour
  • Brighter, purer colour
  • Has clarity of form and legibility

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