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Web Design process

We have a solid, tried and tested process to ensure that your web project runs smoothly and the results meet all your expectations.

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    This section explains the 4 stages in our web design process.
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3: Build & Deploy

2: Design Start / Intro

With the design agreed, it's now time to build your website.

Good Foundations

Ionic have the expertise and experience to build on a solid foundation of Best Practice in:

  • Robust Code
  • Slimmed-down HTML and CSS
  • Usability
  • Flexibility
  • and other things a mere designer can't think of

You'll see the website come to life on our development server as the great day approaches when it will go-live.


and you'll even begin to populate it with pages of your own content - yourself - via our easy to use, documented Content Management System - or CMS for short!

We'll give you secure access to the back-end of the site where you can add text, images and documents to the sections and subsections that you set up.


When everything within the scope of the project is built and looking good, we'll do one more phase of testing in different browsers to make sure everyone gets the same experience of your website.


Making your site live involves moving the actual site to the production servers and configuring your domain to point to the new site. There are several tasks and tests which happen once the site is configured to work with your domain that we can't perform until this point. After a site is made live we monitor it's performance closely during this initial period to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The next step

So the site is now tested and live. But that's not the end of the story:

4: Maintain

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